WOA is a network of churches from around the world that seeks to proclaim the message of the cross, and instruct people on living by God’s word.

WOA is a network of churches from around the world that seeks to proclaim the message of the cross, and instruct people on living by God’s word.

Our churches reached out to their local neighborhoods through various forms of evangelism and outreach, bringing people together under the commonality of faith and delivering the truth of God to the weary and the burdened.

WOA encourages believers to draw a passion for the mission of God. Each year, the assembly sends missionaries to all across the world where the gospel needs to be heard, and where the involvement of Christians is essential to bring forth a transformation in a region toward faith in Christ.

WOA's Ministries reflect a body that works to make an impact for Christ and His Kingdom. Our ministries represents a wide range of fields covering art and design, business, education, family, healing, humanitarian, information technology, justice, media, medical, music, and youth. The ministries seek to bring the diverse interest existing in the world for the use of God’s purpose, and benefit the people within the community where they’re situated.

Our Ministries
Art & Design

Supports the Christian arts communities in advancing creativity, skill, and collaboration within ministries.


Members of the ministry are trained and educated on encouraging their peers to follow the path of giving.


To publish and supply Biblical resources to churches and parachurch organizations around the world.


Seeks to serve those who have a desire to make Christ the Lord of their households.


Hopes for healing to be brought to the many wounded souls through the work of the Holy Spirit mediated by sincere prayer and counseling.


Natural disasters and impoverished circumstances make daily life an unbearable activity for millions of people.

Information Technology

Seeks to pioneer new areas of IT and establish them for God's Kingdom-building purposes.


Helps to protect those who are at risk of abuses, such as killing, detention, or torture.


Connect creators and consumers of media to the right resources and the right people, while also providing a platform where friendships and partnerships can be born, maintained, and developed.


A forum for healthcare professionals to reflect on the distinctive of Christ-centered medicine.


To bring truth and life back into today's entertainment industry and culture, transforming them into mediums to be used for God's will and purposes.

Nehemiah Project

An international, non-profit humanitarian organization committed to see each city in the world revived through the rebuilding of ministries and churches that have been neglected.

Senior Ministry

A platform that elder people can use in their quest for drawing closer to God.


To provide teenagers with the resources they need to be powerful leaders in their schools and society as a whole.


To raise leaders who can be the salt of the earth, purifying campuses and leading the lost generation with a collaborative, focused and purposeful outreach.

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