New York Summer Retreat Held on Romans Studies, Themed Righteous will Live by Faith

Summer retreat

On August 10, the 2018 US Summer Retreat kicks off at 1 pm with the opening service. The theme of the retreat comes from Romans 1:17," The Righteous Shall Live By Faith". 

During the retreat, lectures are delivered from Romans 1-4. Many activities are officially planned during this time of the retreat. The breaking bread will be short and focused on small groups organized by the ministers.

Meanwhile, the evening programs consist of Jubilee and Elim collaboration providing a spiritual support and a night of worship to those who are attending. There is also a small carnival event that all families and kids can participate in. The attractions for kids will include a bounce house, various games, and small prizes. Music, food, and family activities will allow for families and newcomers to also engage and enjoy the atmosphere while also having lunch. OA is hopeful that the time will be exciting and a refreshing aspect of the retreat that members will be able to enjoy with graceful fellowship. 

Closing service on the third day of the retreat was delivered by Pastor John Vivian. The message focused on the main theme of the retreat, Romans 1:17, "The righteous shall live by faith." 

Looking at the fruit of the spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23, attendees were challenged to be the ones who bear fruit so that many others can be fed and look to the cross of Jesus Christ as the one and only answer to their salvation. With the conclusion of the retreat, members should carefully think about what they will do with the freedom they have received in Jesus Christ, and how they will choose to grow with the love of God that the word has revealed newly.

With the end of the sermon, the summer retreat concluded and the final lunch was held. Attendees expressed they were very thankful and that they received abundant grace.

After the summer retreat concludes, mission conference for US leadership will begin. The focus of this mission conference is to build a strong and dependable mission network together with the regions. The OA administration will present the various resources they are working on including education materials and departmental resources. Ministers will also have a time of discussion regarding the monthly mission conferences they will engage in after they return to the mission field.