Growth in India Mission Attributed to Successful Web Presence

India Mission Growth

Churches in India has experienced great growth in 2018, and Olivet Assembly of South Asia shared that a significant factor in the growth is due to the success web presence that the church has.

Two factors were highlighted by the mission director for this year's growth in membership: firstly, through many community events like free guitar classes for the teens, dance class for the youth and language class for professionals.

Secondly, many who have come to church have indicated that they came through finding the website through searching on search engines. Surprisingly, those who came through finding the church websites themselves were mostly unchurched Christians who had serious thirst for the Word of God.

"Through being in tune with the modern communication means on the internet, we found that our church was able to convey the gospel message effectively on the web, which in turn became a net that draw many precious souls who were seeking for God," said the OASA mission director. "This year's growth is a testament of how important it is for the church to keep up with the technology needed and utilize it to get the message to the ends of the world faster."