Faith and Family Foundation Starts Parenting Initiative to Raise Children in a Holistic Way Grounded in Biblical Values

Faith and Family Foundation

Faith and Family Foundation is launching an initiative to help parents with parenting to better raise and support their children in a holistic way grounded in biblical values that considers the importance of a healthy spirit, soul and body.

The Faith and Family foundation recently launched a seminar that encourages and serves as a reminder of some of the basics of caring for children. Important areas covered included safe and clean environments, well-balanced nutrition, regular doctor visits and letting children be considerate of safety and aware of their surroundings.

Since our physical body contains our spirit, providing a safe environment for it is a basic that parents should provide for their children. Parents were encouraged to teach children to understand themselves as social beings and respect others as part not only the church community but also the broader society which includes the town, city or state in which they are living.

The seminar also encouraged parents, as born-again Christians, to plant a Christian culture in the family by being exemplars of faithful living at home by treating spouses and their children in a gospel-like, biblical way. As believers in a church community setting, parents were also encouraged to teach well about aspects of church-life that they participate in, including services, gatherings and other church events.

The part of the seminar for spiritual care and education encouraged parents to recognize their basic duty to teach children about faith, through bible teaching and prayer with and for them. Thinking that raising children is a precious ministry from God, is a way parents can approach teaching. Parents who view and recognize their own work as a ministry from God can also share with their children about what they are doing. By hearing about their parents' faithful lives, children will have an opportunity to be proud and pray for them. This will also be encouraging to parents.

Finally, parents were pointed to Genesis 33:5 and Psalm 127:3, which describe children as a blessing from God. The passages explain that children come not from human desires or plans but from God. Children are given as a special ministry, heritage, and a great blessing.

Faith and Family foundation urges parents to make efforts to care for and educate their children, establishing ways to raise them and support them. 




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World Olivet Assembly believes in equipping believers with theological and practical resources that would enable them to advance the work the gospel.

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World Olivet Assembly believes in equipping believers with theological and practical resources that would enable them to advance the work the gospel.