Christmas Retreat at APOC Concluded, 'Shine the Light of Christ'

asia pacific
asia pacific

On December 25th, Christmas joint retreat completed, celebrating the Christmas service with Korea and East Asia attendants. During the period, All members meditated on the core truths of the gospel-centered on Jesus Christ, and God give a great blessing during the four-day even. After the sharing testimony of grace poured out with spiritual gifts, closing service was followed.

Pastor Simon Jang, who preached the sermon, delivered the scripture of John 1: 9-18 that "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us". P.Simon explained the reason why Jesus Christ is the only way for us.

"Only through the path of love in which Jesus Christ appears, The Kingdom of God will come.  That's way we proclaim that it is only Jesus. Those who believe in the Lord are the light of the world and the salt. If we have received Him, let us spread this graceful news to all the earth, by understanding this great love more deeply. "

After the service, all attendants watched the video of Christmas retreat party for 3 nights and 4 days and had time to look back at the meditation and grace, giving thanks to God. For four days and three nights, God pressed and poured forth graceful blessings, and allowed spiritual gifts through prayer, and prophecies about a great revival.

Meanwhile, after the retreat, OLI and Asia Pacific Leadership Conference will be held for Asian members.