Philippines Venue Confirm for Asian Jubilee & Elim Vision Trip


The venue for the Jubilee-Elim Asia Vision Trip event was confirmed. The event will be held at Cebu Gratia Church in Cebu, Philippines.

A team from Jubilee and Elim Asia will be visiting Hong Kong and Philippines in September in hopes of bringing with them a wave of revival throughout Southeast Asia. A final meeting was held by the ministries' leadership on September 9th prior to making the trip around the region to go over event and schedule details again. They wish to be used as a method to deliver grace of fire of Holy Spirit to Asia through this visit.  

Just recently, the worship and prayer ministries united in praise and prayer at the Jubilee Korea Music Center. Attendees came from all around Seoul and prayed for the work of God. The gathering was broadcasted so that others from around the nation could join from online. 

The ministry leaders were uniting in their cries out to God during the praise and prayer time.